What is Modern Advocacy?

Modern Advocacy is a new venture brought to life by Jay Steinmetz. Jay is a highly successful technology and innovation entrepreneur. His interest in politics and the belief that ordinary citizens deserve a greater access to decision makers and a louder voice in public policy debates led to the creation of Modern Advocacy. Modern Advocacy provides a tool that greatly empowers individuals and organizations to be heard louder and clearer. 

What does the app do?

The tool allows you leverage the passion of your activists and supporters by putting them into contact with elected officials at the most critical moments. The app is simple to use and allows any concerned citizen that supports your issue to become an effective organizer and activist in mere seconds!

How does the app work?

Using your phone, Modern Advocacy provides a cost-effective, scalable platform that enables…

Individuals to:

  • Track proposed legislation as it moves through the legislative process
  • Communicate directly with elected officials in their own words or as a part of a collective action.
  • View the issue-specific voting records of all of their elected officials at the state and local level.

Organizations to:

  • Track proposed legislation as it moves through the legislative process
  • Communicate directly with elected officials.
  • Disseminate timely updates to activists and supporters.
  • Generate email and call scripts for activists and supporters.
  • To articulate (to activists and supporters) your organization’s position on relevant legislation at the state and local level.
  • To score the voting performance of every elected official at the state and local level.
  • To solicit donations from activists and supporters (if applicable)
  • To publicize political endorsements on the state and local level to activists and supporters.
  • To advertise and organize for meetings, rallies, hearings and other actions.

How can the app help my organization?

Organizations allocate great resources in order to effectively disseminate their points of view to their supporters and of course to the decision makers who will ultimately cast votes in favor of or in opposition to legislation that is critically important to them.

Legislators at every level face constant, intense pressure to enact legislation that will greatly impact our lives. There is unyielding competition for their eyes and ears; and the advent of social media has greatly changed the advocacy and lobbying game. More than ever, in order to affect the thinking and voting of elected officials, you have to be detailed, organized and timely!

Modern Advocacy is a tool that will take your organization’s advocacy efforts to the next level by allowing you to perform a host of actions designed to give you a competitive advantage in the rough and tumble world of politics.

How much does the app cost?

Modern Advocacy provides an affordable, scalable platform that will take your organization’s advocacy efforts to the next level. We offer several packages depending on the specific needs of your organization. We will customize the platform to be most effective for you and we will be flexible enough to build around your needs while constantly adding features and enhancements that benefit everyone in the eco-system. Please reach out to us for detailed pricing information.

When is the app available?

We are ready to customize the platform for your organization TODAY. Request a quote.