Joe Green is the Director of Strategic Partnerships for InfraShield, Inc. a cyber-physical security company which specializes in solutions, products and strategies to secure agencies and companies and to defend high-value, high-target systems from cyber-attacks. Mr. Green spearheads efforts to secure strategic partnerships with companies, governments, non-profits, trade groups and associations to define, design, and implement cybersecurity solutions that work to protect an organizations most critical data and assets.

Formally, Mr. Green was the Executive Vice President for G.S. Proctor and Associates, a government relations firm that provides lobbying and consulting services, at the federal, state and local level, for clients in industries which include healthcare, infrastructure, and development, zoning & land use, transportation, public safety unions, energy, non-profits, and foundations. Mr. Green led initiatives in lobbying and advocacy, business development, client retention and relationship development. Mr. Green currently serves on the Advisory Board for the Cultural Academy for Excellence. Additionally, he is a board member for the 21st Century Education Foundation and G.S. Proctor and Associates Advisory Board. Mr. Green received his Bachelor of Science in history and government from Bowie State University in Bowie, Maryland. Mr. Green resides in Annapolis, Maryland.